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Data-Driven UX Design

Using a data-driven UX Design Research approach helps you demonstrate what appeals to individuals who use the product and what does not drive developing a user-centered product. It is not very unusual for a good idea not to translate well when moving from the drawing board to the real physical or digital product. Many designers begin to gather and evaluate data as they design products to minimize the likelihood of failure. The data-driven design approach allows designers to develop a more incredible picture of how their products communicate with end consumers.

Following tools are commonly used for communicating data:

Sample image of a design thinking workshop presented on a whiteboard.
Sample image of a design thinking workshop presented on a whiteboard.
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

The world of UX is evolving fast and more organizations seem to acknowledge its power now. Utilizing the power of effective and efficient UX design, big corporations such as the likes of Walmart, reported up to a 200% increase in orders after they improved their online experience. There’s no denying the need for specialized UX experts but is it really as simple as it sounds? The short answer; no.

The UX design process is a combination of multiple sub-step specializations that come together to provide the design with its efficiency and results that it produces. A team of experts; each…

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What’s a side hustle without anyone to hustle to?

You can work as hard as you want, but it’ll be a wasted effort if you don’t have anyone biting the bait.

Which brings up an important question: how are you reaching your customers?

Your answer better include online presence. If not, you’re missing out on an audience of over 4 billion people.

Half of that audience is expected to purchase something online this year.

How do you establish yourself online?

Sure, word-of-mouth is timeless and beneficial. But it’s equally important to represent your hustle online to people who don’t know about you yet.

This are the…

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The side hustle economy is growing by the minute, and as a designer or developer, you’re likely looking to join it.

You’ve got viable skill sets that you use when you have steady work. But maybe you are in between gigs, or you are just looking to pad your design or coding income with some side hustle funds.

So, how do you know which side hustles are worth your time and effort, and which will be a waste of it?

Well, until recently, I was in that same position. …

Elvis Canziba

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